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Our mobile solutions will give you a better experience with:

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Outcomes Reporting

A mobile eCOA platform that delivers validated trial instruments and drives patient engagement.

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Patient Recruitment

A mobile call-to-action (i.e. “text KEYWORD to NUMBER”) for study ads to pre-screen patients and connect them with the nearest site.

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18 of the top 20 pharma companies use us. We help the very best manage their clinical trials.

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Insights from our team of experts

The mProve Health team gathers in their Washington, DC office

Press Release: mProve Health Achieves Record 12-Month Revenue Growth

Adding 25% more life science clients in the past 12 months and demonstrating profitability for the 7th consecutive year, the company moves their growing team into new Washington, DC headquarter offices.

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Prostatepedia Interviews CEO Jeff Lee on Mobile Apps for Clinical Trials

Jeff Lee, CEO, mProve Health, was recently featured in the May issue of Prostatepedia, a monthly periodical featuring conversations with leading medical experts in the prostate cancer world. This article was published at

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