textmAs Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) become increasingly important to clinical trials, the clinical research industry still struggles to find the best way to facilitate PRO data.  Paper diaries are time-consuming, error prone, and infamous for the “parking lot effect” where diaries are only completed in the parking lot of the site clinic prior to the next appointment.   PC-based ePRO solutions fail to span the ‘digital divide’ and are not  available for ‘on the go’ patients.  Even using dedicated mobile devices (like Palm Pilots) has significant drawbacks.  They are expensive, burdensome to site staff to provision and manage, and are still essentially foreign devices that trial participants forget to carry with them.

The best answer to this PRO challenge already lies in the pockets of your trial participants.  Their native mobile phone, whether it’s the smartest of smartphones, or the most basic of standard phones, offers a great mechanism for patients to provide basic information of interest to clinical researchers.

Our solutions transform the mobile phone into a powerful “mPRO” device that is always on, and almost always with your trial participants. Using the same mobile device, you can remind them of their diary reporting intervals, and take them straight to the diary interface where they can quickly, securely, and easily complete the PRO instruments.   Trial participants can also use our solutions to proactively report key information (such as dosing intervals, symptom reporting, or adverse event notifications)

Our solutions are regulatory compliant, and offer customizable workflow to ensure that time sensitive data reaches the study coordinator immediately.  By reducing site burden, and increasing the quality and completeness of PRO data, our BYOD solutions provide a breakthrough tool to trial sponsors to achieve their data collection needs.

Please contact us for a demonstration of our SMS text and mobile app based solutions and recent case studies using the BYOD model.