Trial sponsors currently make a major investment in reaching prospective patients through traditional advertising such as TV, radio, and newspapers. Unfortunately, these advertisements often include only a phone number to call, or possibly a website to visit. When potential trial participants view these options in public settings, they are often unable to have a private conversation about their eligibility for a research study. If put the task off, they may not remember how to get in touch later.

Today’s outreach requires just-in-time engagement, providing opportunities for patients to take action immediately. Text messaging is just that option: it is convenient, private, and familiar to nearly all of us.

mCast is designed to provide a customized, convenient experience for prospective patients and the study team.

By adding a simple mobile call-to-action (“Text KEYWORD to NUMBER”) to existing clinical research study advertising, studies can create a more patient-friendly way for potential participants to express interest. mCast walks the trial participant through an automated questionnaire so that you can instantly determine their fit with the eligibility criteria of your study.


Optimize trial participant processing at your sites

When a prospective trial participant fits the initial screening criteria, mCast immediately passes that information to the appropriate contact for follow up.

In addition, mCast’s warm transfer can initiate a call to the recruitment call center (or directly to the site the patient has been matched with), and immediately connect this prospective trial participant with a member of the study team.

This puts the trial participant on their way to enrollment in the study, creating a seamless experience and capitalizing on the chance to instantly connect the site with a warm referral.

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When mCast is deployed, alongside call and web options, more than 60% of respondents have chosen text messaging over phone or web, for its convenience and comfort, and have shown a willingness to provide the significant amount of information needed to determine their eligibility.

Previous deployments have generated significant ROI

  • A recent study had ran patient recruitment advertising for 3 months without text messaging, and then for three months with text messaging. Results:
  • Cost per Responsedecreased by 15%
  • Cost per Referral decreased by 32%
  • ROI calculated at >650%

A recent Asthma study invited patient response via toll free Phone call (IVR Screener) and text message. During this study, SMS referred 5 times as many patients as IVR at ½ the price.


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By using mCast, studies are finding patients where they live — on their mobile phones.

To experience a sample version of mCast, simply text HEART to 87888.