mLaunch is our award-winning mobile health platform that enables sponsors and CROs to create fully-branded mhealth experiences using proven mobile technology. Developed using our multi-stakeholder, patient-centric approach, mLaunch is built for easy customization to meet your business objectives, and intimate personalization to meet your patients’ unique needs. Developed in partnership with thought leaders, industry experts, behavioral psychologists, specialty societies, consumer design experts and major regulatory bodies, the mLaunch platform can adapt to your market quickly and grow over time as your needs change.


These are a few key features of mLaunch that help make it the preferred mobile patient engagement solution for drug developers, sponsors and CROs:

  • Medication adherence support that creates the opportunity for both improving pharmacotherapy compliance and modifying behavior toward healthier actions
  • Patient education that empowers patients to learn more about their disease, discover new or emerging treatment options and even hear about promotional campaigns
  • Self-assessments such as symptom tracking and real-time dashboards where patients learn from beautiful visuals that offer deeper insight into their own disease management
  • Information sharing that fosters a persistent and enduring connection to the patient’s doctor, family or care circle in order to get advice on managing their disease and connect to other organizations
  • Personalization features that let patients customize the app so it meets their own unique lifestyle, preferences and schedules


Perhaps the most exciting use of mLaunch is for clients seeking early insight into their product differentiation strategy. Whether you’re interested in identifying specific sub-populations most likely to respond to your drug, exploring quality-of-life metrics or simply generating exploratory market research, mLaunch can help you establish difficult-to-measure endpoints early in the development process by getting real-time feedback about your therapy directly from the patients using it.

As a broad offering of support for self-management, learning and communication, mLaunch offers the most advanced platform for energizing a company’s promotional outreach and maximizing your product differentiation.

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