What you measure is what you get. It’s time to get more out of each dollar spent in patient recruitment.

Locating potential study patients is crucial to a study’s success, but the challenge does not end there. Patient recruitment is only as good as the actual impact on enrollment—and putting systems in place to support this is difficult. With all of the resources spent on advertising-driven patient referrals, it can difficult to ask sites to provide even more information on disposition. Sites often lag in reporting due to other responsibilities, letting many days go by before reporting any data, if they do at all. This lack of real-time metrics, reliance on manual effort-intensive site reporting, and need to understand the follow-through on referrals plague even the most effectively-designed campaigns.

mTrack is designed to meet these needs with a solution that provides actionable data to the study team, without requiring extra effort from sites. The mTrack system provides research sites a toll-free number with a unique extension for each referral. This number Tracks the call back attempts made by the site, passively, while connecting site staff directly and immediately to the referral to start a conversation.  Collecting this data allows mTrack to do the following:

  • Send follow-up emails to sites targeted for referrals they haven’t contacted
  • Provide accurate Tracking of time elapsed until patients receive follow-up
  • Aggregate referral Tracking data into reports on the responsiveness of each site

To date, we’ve seen better Tracking that changes site behavior:

  • Site Feedback has been universally positive
  • Sites improve their follow-up timelines with knowledge their response times are measured
  • To date, 98.6% of referrals have been contacted by the site to which they were referred
  • Mean response time 45 hours, and the median response time is 35 hours.

The valuable insight provided into patient enrollment data at the earliest stages of recruitment carries benefit throughout the study. It is the smarter way to increase transparency into site and call center performance. When it comes to referral and enrollment activity, mTrack increases the value of each dollar spent on recruitment.

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