Outcomes Reporting

index Patient insights provide the foundation for driving consumer demand, defining market development and payer access strategies and forecasting a path for product differentiation between competitors. But in today’s market, with ever-increasing cost pressure and healthcare reform aimed at reducing acute events, the challenge for drug developers to show meaningful clinical benefit has never been greater. As the balance of impact between physicians and payers shifts, developing patient level-insights about disease, therapy, and other intangibles like preference and quality of life is crucial. mPulse helps you gauge the pulse of your patients through formal trial instruments or market research surveys such as:

  • Electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) or electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA), for clinical or post-marketing research
  • Insights into product use, patient perception and competitive product positioning
  • Quality of life and economic metrics for market access & payer positioning

Using Outcomes Reporting to Maximize Differentiation

  • mpulse_nexusS2mPulse is a platform for patient data collection (ePRO) that can be deployed via SMS text or standalone mobile app
  • ePRO data is collected as a component of clinical research, exploratory outcomes, post-approval studies, patient registries, market research and patient engagement apps
  • mPulse was built to take advantage of the benefits of the BYOD model:
    • Cost savings (particularly important on large studies)
    • Avoid logistical hassle of import/export – lost devices, device retrieval, etc.
    • Capitalize on patient’s familiarity with their own devices (no extra training required), requiring no change in patient behavior.

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