Patient Recruitment

Finding patients where they live, conversing on the medium they prefer

Recruiting study patients can be a costly and endurance-requiring endeavor. Study participants are highly mobile, and they carry their phones with them an average of 19 hours a day. The mobile phone is the most quickly adopted technology in the history of the world—and mobile touches every part of how we live. For potential patients, it is your best chance to make a connection.

mProve Health’s mCast and mTrack tools focus on bringing mobile patient recruitment straight to your patients’ phones, and then Tracking referrals throughout the pipeline with passive monitoring. Our fully-automated, battle-tested systems deliver an immediate ROI in decreased clinical trial enrollment timeframes with virtually no extra work for the research site.

Do you text more than call? So do your patients.
Mobilize your study screenings with mCast.

mTrack shows real-time reporting data on the status of every referral with no extra effort from sites.