Unengaged and under-informed patients can be an otherwise excellent study’s greatest obstacle. High loss-to-follow-up rates can have a devastating effect on clinical studies, especially for long-term development programs. And while plenty of effort has been made to improve retention and compliance rates, the tools are still imperfect: emails have low open rates; IVR solutions do not guarantee anonymity; and personal outreach by staff is expensive and time-consuming.

Enter mPal. mPal is a simple text messaging solution designed to increase patient retention and drive adherence to the study protocol. mPal uses the study subject’s own mobile phone to deliver medication reminders, appointment reminders, PRO diary reminders and other important study information.


mPal works by sending actionable messages to study participant’s mobile phones at precisely the right time. These messages can include:

  • Medication Reminders, including instructions for complex medications
  • Appointment Reminders, including pre-reminders to confirm the appointment, as well as preparation instructions
  • PRO diary interrogations, with intelligent branching and sequencing possibilities

mPal can help enhance the site-patient relationship by automating non-value-added work for study coordinators and staff while helping study subjects fulfill their commitments to your program.

Contact mProve Health today to schedule a demo and see how simple it is to improve increase patient engagement with mPal.