From B to C: The Advent of CYOD


BYOD has been a buzzword in the clinical trial space since mProve Health got started in 2010. We have seen the movement go from risky and heavily-hyped to a conservatively accepted. From our start in ePRO, we’ve been driving the BYOD bandwagon. Now, though, we want to pull over and ask for directions. That stopover is CYOD.


Breaking (into) BYOD: New Data from Industry Leadership


(WASHINGTON, DC) BYOD supporters are in luck: If you want to see the bring-your-own-device movement get better, there is new data showing that industry leaders aren’t as opposed to BYOD as you may think.

Applied Clinical Trials recently published a study that surveyed lead eCOA providers (and those related) on their opinions. mProve Founder and CEO Jeff Lee coauthored the article with Bill Byrom of ICON and other thought leaders within ICON and Medidata.

The authors lead a growing effort to push the BYOD concept forward and begin using it in mainstream clinical trials. The movement has been stalled for years at what Lee calls “the BYOD stalemate”: the FDA cannot issue any statements on the validity of BYOD-sourced data without seeing drug studies that use it; conversely, pharma companies are unwilling to risk the success of their clinical trials on a data collection method that the FDA hasn’t rubber-stamped. Byrom and Lee are some of the BYOD proponents trying to break through the red tape.

To shed light on the industry climate, the authors report on a survey taken by several dozen professionals at CROs, eCOA vendors, and biopharmaceutical companies. The survey asked a series of questions about some of the doubts surrounding BYOD: that subjects may lose or change their device, that the data collected may not be private, that site staff would be burdened, that the patient would delete or corrupt the app, etc. (more…)