One App to Unite Them All: Unified Patient Engagement

On October 21st, I was honored to present at the 2016 Bioinformatics & Computational Biosciences Festival, Virtual Clinical Trials: Modernizing Comparative Studies, hosted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The event focused on the emerging model of less site-centric studies, and how tech is helping enable this new model. I spoke on an emerging issue resulting from too much of a good thing: patient engagement and retention services. As various patient engagement systems and vendors abound, clinical trial patients will need a central engagement hub to access all aspects of their study. We think it’s important to design that platform now.

Jeff Lee delivers a presentation on uniting the patient engagement experience.

Jeff Lee speaks at 2016 Bioinformatics & Computational Biosciences Festival, Virtual Clinical Trials: Modernizing Comparative Studies.