We’re mProve Health: So What?

We hope some of you out there are asking the question that we have asked ourselves (and been asked) time and time again: why the new name? What drove the change?

For us the question looks something like this: why break down the current credibility and recognition of our Omniscience Mobile brand only to build it back up again, without proof beyond doubt that it will be worth the effort?

If any of you have had experience with any part of rebranding a company, you know the labor and consideration involved. It’s often a change driven by an absolute necessity, to drive new business or to react to other brand changes in the industry.  Our motivation came from a number of factors, but reflects both our recent progress and our hopes for future growth. So before we go ahead on this road together, it’s important to us, and hopefully to you, that we share our reasons behind this change to explain what it means for our users, our clients, and our future clients.

In a quick-summary form, there are three key things our whole team could agree upon as to the impetuses for the change:

  1. We are evolving. With our recent growth, in both the research and commercial spaces, we knew we were more than cell phones in all hands, but we are personalized, complex mobile solutions that are patient-centered and meaningfully drive engagement.  We are an aggressively maturing company, in terms of our expertise, product set, and sophistication of our approach. As we bring these together to achieve the benefits of scale, we continue to take pride in delighting our users, and our customers.
  2. We are ceaselessly learning. We are taking on opportunities to study the effects of our efforts, and gaining invaluable insights to how to tailor human-centered technology solutions. And as we fine-tune our products to respond to patients to engage and take advantage of their natural tendencies using mobile, the ultimate proof is more accurate, timely, and valuable data collection using handheld technology.
  3. We already were mProve Health.  All of these culminate in the two tenets of mProve Health – to use mobile to improve health, and to use proven solutions to drive engagement and results.  These are the core of who we have been as a company, in terms of our internal motivations and to our clients. To be honest, we are often focused more on getting the job done right than talking about the job we are doing. This was the chance to bring the world (wide web) up to speed with an identity that is consistent with our core. We’re excited to be here.

We hope this gives you a taste for the excitement that is running through the company in making this transition. We could not be happier to be mProve Health from here onward.

As we charge forward as mProve Health as our new identity, and leave Omniscience Mobile back in 2013, we would love to hear from you. If you love it, hate it, or are still wondering why we did it – please get in touch. If you didn’t know already (see above), we would love to learn from our readers and our users.

– The mProve Health team